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Art For Change


June 4 - September 15, 2022, Kelowna Cultural District

Okanagan Heritage Museum 

Rotary Centre For the Arts

Alternator Centre For Contemporary Art

Mary Irwin Theatre

Trash is a derogatory term aimed at anything or anyone that fails to live up to its potential in the eye of the beholder. Art For Change is about throwing away this misnomer, embracing inclusive collaboration, and finding beauty in the beast of post-consumer waste.

Art for Change was two years in the making, consisted of five exhibits and three events, and included submissions from Canada, India, Myanmar, Australian and Thailand.


Creation and development all took place during Covid times, which meant there were a lot of unknowns as to its viability and opportunity to engage effectively with the general public. That had a domino effect of plusses - and minuses. Drumming up financial support from local businesses was a no-go. Fortunately in-kind aid, a community grant, and sponsorship from Kelowna Museums, GECCO and Yukon-based Mt. Lorne Transfer Station meant losses were kept to a minimum.


And while there is nothing positive to say about a pandemic, it was for some, a time to dig in on artistic musings. Art For Change was a definite beneficiary. The exhibitions greatest achievements were were the mind-blowing content and enthusiastic collaboration between artists, community groups and students. Over 200 people (from BC, Myanmar, Australia and India) helped create Art For Change.


Lasting and existing bonds were forged with the Cool Arts Society, Kelowna Museums, BC Recycle, Global Citizen Events, Alternator Gallery for Contemporary Art, ChuChu and the Environmental Film Festival of Australia (EFFA).


As for the calibre of submissions by the international collection of trash artists - well, suffice to say it proved the worthiness of post-consumer waste as a valuable commodity. Please contact us with your impressions, comments and questions.

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