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Welcome! Art For Change is a site in progress, but eventually all of the necessary links, anecdotes, images and text will be there for you. Thank you for your patience.

Art For Change.

Art for Freedom • Art For Change • Jenga Jenga • Think Big • Language of Art •  Beauty In The Beast • Beauty WAD • Out of the Shadows • On Solid Ground • The Moose


Zala Virendrasinh • Suan Huai • Leslie Leong • Joyce Majiki • U Thet Wai • Daren Williams • Becky TenVeen • Miriam Tetler • Blake McFarland • Erica Bee • Hla Hla Yee • Denese Oyelese • Sen Sen • Cool Arts Collective•  Leslie Leong • Martha Ritchie • Julia Soleski • Nikita Jones and Susan Widmer • Trish Chung  • Dave Mai • Claudia Franzen • TeenaRee Gowdy

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